1. Embroidery fabric / Edging:
(Depends on the width, including All-Over and Edging)

Linen Base:


T/C Base:1683-L2

Two Layers Base:3860/3916-3/S1-31323/S1-31324/S1-31325

Georgette Base:3462/G2-31369/G2-31367/3508a/3655a/A-3953

Ribbon Emb3060/3066/3102/31183W/31699/31704/3210/3283/3284/3285/3322/3328/3699B/66964-1/ 66972-1/ 66977-1

Feather Emb:P3-31392/P3-31393/Q2-31394/R2-31404

Crinkle Effect J1-31074/J1-31130/J1-31173/J1-31247/ J1-31241

Motif & Collar : 5014/5032/5034/5035/5156/5056/5062/5090/5097/5100/5102/5125/5126/5134/5138/5152/5162/5172/5234/5236/5248/5184/5358-B/5343/5342/5320/5313

Silk Base: 1738/1739/cn31716/CN370141A

Mesh Base:
  CN30176, CN30194, CN30208, CN340073 For Curtain Prupose
Different Mesh, different effect
B-3664 Multi Lurex Yarn, Made it Elegant
B-3715 Border design, you also can use it as sleeves
D-31281 Border design with spy mesh, really fantastic
D-31537, D-31554 Lurex yarn with spy mesh, Knitted fabric is workable too.

Organza Base: Idea for Baby's Wear,31717/Q1-31728/ Q1-31521/ Q1-31464 /Q1-31532/ Q1-31571 /Q1-31302

Cotton Base:

  16307A, 1650 Children's wear,
1700 For Ladies,
CN1818 Special Yarn Special effect,
1812-1 for Japanese market,
1718 border design,
1648, 1684 suggest for little girl skirt,
1703/CN31711/ CN31710/ CN31712/ W1-31323/ W1-31323

Eyelet: 1728,1631, 1610, 17340, 18985,18985,1584, 1636 ,1770

Eyelet Edging: 1491/1001/1020/1163/1553/1524

Chiffon Base:
  CN30208 That's no problems with your own colors.
Solid flower Emb on Chiffon base
Z-31213 P-31566 P-31567 Z-31001 P-3944 Z-31170 P-31056

Fake Leather Base: V2-31482, V2-31493, V2-31495 Special wool Emb on, it looks really different, W2-31394

Wool/Kid-mohair Base :
  F3-31480 For A/W,
C1-31216 kid mohair, it is best choise for winter collections, feel very confortable after sweat important.
1638C For A/W, Sleeping wear, Morning Coat Purpose,
2B-3569 wool emb on Spandex base,
31178 wool Emb on Organza/Chiffon base,
31489-1, 31491-1 special wool yarn emb on Mesh base

Elastic Base:
  3B-31460, 3B-31424, 3B-31469 Nylon Stretch Mesh Base With Spray Effect,
3B-31630, 3B-31632-1 Nylon Stretch Mesh Base with Rodarly printing,
3B-31213, 3B-31302, 3B-31331, 3B-31045,3B-31318

Knitted fabric Base: 1727 Knitted base with Eyelet effect,1587C /1612C /1682C

Emb with Cord:66909 for bridal idea with beaded + sequin, made by hand.66964-1/ 66972-1/ 66977-1

Chemical/Guipure fabric: CN730276 High Quality, Solid,7900/7482/ 7930/ 7910/7287


7450 Chemical Trimming for winter,
8019 Gold/Silver Lurex, made it beautiful


Emb with Sequin:
  CN1830, CN31689, CN31685,1828,1834,1835,3082 Sequin Emb on cotton base, your own fabrics are most welcome.

Jersy Fabric Base: 1731, 1734-1, 1737 Multi-Lurex Yarn Emb on Jersy Fabric,1735/ R2-31403

Emb on Bubble Cotton Base: CN31447-S For A/W, Jacket/coat purpose,CN31711/ CN31710/ CN31712/ W1-31323/ W1-31323

Spray Effect:
  CN31670, CN31669, CN31678 Spray effect with special yarn,
CN31690 Spray effect with sequin, made by machine,
3788-2 /3957-2/ 31478

2. Raschel Fabric / Edging (Whole design finished once,include All-Over & Edging Lace)

A-Stretch Raschel 6462/6498/6499 Most hot item right now,
E6785/6497/6355 Stretch,
most parpuler designs with Rodarly Printing,
6462 base with Rodarly Printing,
E6820, 6621, K65015 with cord, made it value different
B-Rigid Raschel 6640/G-62065/E6721/E6726

Wool Raschel

6150 for A/W ,6151



4. Running Item